Videopoker Jacks Or Better 🃏 Online

Do you like having many winning possibilities? Do you have an eye? Then you could try with the Jacks or Better at 50 lines: one of the most compelling variants of the videopoker available on many online casinos, but not on all ... a bit like in that historic advertising. Better to choose between the Casino who pay immediately, just to be sure!

How to play

Let's start by saying that 50 lines means that you are playing the beauty of fifty hands of (video) poker jacks or beter simultaneously. 5 cards will be distributed on fifty decks and you will win, as the title itself suggests, with a pair of jacks ... or beter, that is, or rather or rather.
The win is greater, the better the cards that are in hand are: multiply everything by fifty and you will have a vague idea of what is the Jacks or better a 50 linee!!!

Jacks or better: 50 linee per vincere.

A Jacks or Better at 50 lines can then be decided which and how many cards change of the 5 that initially will be distributed to you, but it is possible to change them only once. We add a detail that is sometimes neglected in the descriptions of the game: the cards you keep will be the same on all 50 lines, only those that you will change will be different between the different lines. We still note that the decks of cards with which Jacks or Better is played virtually 50 lines are, in fact, fifty and that the single episode must be multiplied by fifty to have the total aim.
Once you have discovered all fifty combinations, you can finally choose whether to collect the win, whether to try to double or whether to double half.

Let's see better what these last two options consist of. Once your win has been calculated, if you choose to double, the bench will discover one of the 5 new cards and leave 4 covers, you will choose another of those covered: if this is lower, you will lose the original win , if you are the same, you will keep it and if you are upper you will double. And so on, in a series of doubles that, theoretically, it can reach infinity.
If you are a little more cautious, you can instead choose the doubling vehicle and keep half of the win, by playing the other half with the doubling modes just seen.

Regole del videopoker jacks or better

The rules for playing videopoker in the Jacks or Better version are few, simple and intuitive:
A deck of French cards without Jolly and two challengers, the player and the counter, who has the task of distributing the cards.

Before starting the game it is necessary to aim; The casino predetermines a minimum amount of episode and a maximum one, each click determines a feed token, the maximum allowed by the rules of the game room are 5 tokens each hand.

At this point the counter distributes 5 covered cards; The player studies them calmly and decides how many to keep and how many change. The final phase of the game consists in the discovery of both of their cards, the best combination wins the stakes.

Memorized the scale of the combinations

The only thing that a Videopoker Jacks or Better player has to know perfectly is the scale of cards combinations.

The rules of the videopoker say that the minimum score to hope to win the hand is a pair of jacks, but better a pair of queens or kings, hence the name of the Jacks or Better version.

To go up, on the pair of figures the double couple wins, which in turn is beaten by the trio.

The simple scale, consisting of 5 scale cards but of different seed, is a respectable combination, however beaten by the color, 5 cards not in scale but of the same seed and full 3, equal cards a couple and by poker.

Poker is a combination made up of 4 equal cards, the strongest poker is the one of axes.

The rules of the Jacks or Better version say that the victory is practically yours if you have a color scale in hand: 5 scale cards of the same seed; But if the scale is real: 10, jack, queen, re, ace of the same seed, the money is already in your pockets!.

Additional rules of Videopoker Jacks or Better

The online version of the poker game has introduced new rules to multiply the winnings, let's see what they are.
50 lines videopoker: even the Jacks Better version you can play on 50 lines: 50 hands held simultaneously with different decks.

Double and double doubling: in case of victory you can win more by claiming the doubling.

The counter has 1 on the desk a descended card next to 4 blankets and invites you to find out 1.

If your choice is higher than that revealed by the bench, the champagne.

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