William Hill: Won Millionary Super Jackpot

The news has now spread quickly on the net between gaming enthusiasts and sector employees: a very successful American player managed to win a millionaire jackpot.

In fact, one of the highest and most rich progressive jackpots ever appeared in casino online The incredible but very real undertaking managed to a Valtellinese, of which little else is known.

The amount of the millionaire jackpot? 1,759,577.36 euros!

The news appeared almost quietly on October 13 on the William Hill website, the casino where the millionaire jackpot was won.

Those of William Hill Casino have dedicated a whole page of their site to the dissemination of the news on the winnings of their players. Now everyday read of also very substantial winnings, but today is even fantastic! A millionaire jackpot.

One million eighteenth century fifty -nine thousand and thirty -six euros! To make the news even more unsettling is the further detail of the win, filtered from the page dedicated to the winners of William Hill Casino: the progressive jackpot rained in the pockets of the lucky Valtellinese thanks to a game of only 20 cents!

It is really true that when luck decides to reward one person in particular does not mind subtleties!

Try to imagine the reaction of a person who, aiming for a trifle as 20 cents, sees a succession such as combinations spot on on the rollers as to even get to the maximum level of the jackpot game and even win it! Useless to seek Jackpot tricks, only luck matters!

A Milionary Jackpot from New Year's lottery

Stuff to remain dry, or at least incredulous: who knows if the kissed - from the - luck Valtellinese will have thought of a joke!
Among the other news relating to this ghostly winnings released by William Hill Casino, the indication of the slot machine that made the incredible true could not be missing: it is the famous Slot Machine Certificates Once Spemoloth, the one inspired by the Monty Python musical.

The winner of the mega Jackpot progressive Slot Machine Spamalot preferred to fly over his general information but wanted to make his favorite Casino-Us-Online.com casino, William Hill, of his joy and disbelief.

At the time of winning, the player said, he could not believe it and continued to fix the screen thinking about a blunder.

In fact, he was afraid of having downloaded the for Fun version, the one that allows you to play without real money.

Only William Hill's phone call convinced him that he was the winner and that the Miliornario jackpot of almost 1 million nineteenth -century euros was really real.

The whole staff of William Hill Casino, including the management of the company, has shown himself really happy for the event. In fact, it often happens to those who win even minors to receive messages and even direct calls of congratulations.

This is because William Hill Casino in particular and all Casino-Us-Online.com certified casinos have always shown a lot of care and consideration for their players.

A phone call for congratulations and to understand the mood of the players in facing such news is a must. In fact, often the players, in fact, for several and understood reasons prefer to keep their winnings secret.

And to be able to confess their and impressions with those who know and will surely keep the secret can be of great help to dispose of adrenaline and excessive load of emotions.

William Hill paid in 3 days

The news, as well as rejoicing the people of online gaming enthusiasts and let them try even a little healthy and inevitable envy, can be very important for those who have been trying to spot one of the progressive jackpots present online for some time.

Knowing the day and the precise time of the win, in fact, can help to define a game strategy, or can give valuable indications to refine or modify it.

For now William Hill has only announced the period of winning, early October, but precise indications of the day and time still lack.

The progressive millionaire jackpot of William Hill's Spamalot slot Machine Spamalot, blown by the Valtellinese gentleman, is already growing at very fast pace. In fact, the more players point, faster the Jackpot will return to the preceding levels the win. Soon the millionaire jackpot ready to be still won by a new millionaire!
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